The Project aims to promote several activities for the discussion and dissemination of the results of the research, especially workshops, seminars and both national and international congresses. Have a look here at the above mentioned activities and access the Utopian Foodways Calendar so that you can be updated for other events. 

17th Conference of the Utopian Studies Society / Europe | 5-9 July 2016

500 Years of Utopias: Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia

The first great landmark of our project was the annual meeting of the Utopian Studies Society Europe organized in Portugal by CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-American Studies). Throughout the five days of congress, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University NOVA of Lisboa welcomed more than a hundred academics of the area of Utopian Studies and also witnessed the official launching of our project with the participation of several members in billboard spaces dedicated to the topic Utopia and Alimentation.

Access the programme and the photos of the event.

Congresso EurSAFE 2016 | Food Futures: Ethics, Science and Culture

The International Congress EurSAFE 2016, organized by i3S (Institute for Research and Innovation in Health) in partnership with CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation, and Anglo-American Studies) from the University of Porto, was held in the Faculty of Letras of the University of Porto, from September, 28th to October, 1st.

Given the variety of implications the "food problem" entails, the construction of an inclusive society must redirect the concerns about food in the present to the imagination of future alternatives. The search for innovative solutions calls for multidisciplinary critical enquiry - and utopian thinking will be instrumental in that regard.

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